Application Process

International Balkan University sincerely welcomes the Erasmus+ incoming students and wishes them a successful nomination and application process! In order for the student to be successfully admitted at IBU, please make sure to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Nomination

Interested students shall contact the International Relations Offices at their home university and choose IBU as their Erasmus+ destination! After choosing IBU, together with their Erasmus officers, they need to check if our universities have Erasmus+ Inter-institutional Agreement between the institutions and the common study programs. If all conditions are fulfilled, the International Relations Office needs to make an official nomination of the student by fulfilling the form on the following link:

IBU has two nomination periods as follows:

Fall semester/Full Academic year: 1 May – 30 June

Spring Semester: 1 October – 30 November

Please note: The universities can nominate students only within the 2-month period indicated above. After we close the nomination periods, student nominations will not be accepted.

Step 2: Application

After the nomination, all accepted students will receive an email with guidelines for their successful admission at IBU.

Course Choices:

The students will need to select their courses from our course catalog available here (hyperlink with course catalog in the IRO page). Prospective students are allowed to choose from any of the courses offered in the related semester and if needed, are allowed to mix courses from different study programs. All courses are being taught in English language which means that the Erasmus+ incoming students are receiving a similar course offer as our regular students. The only courses that the Erasmus+ students are not allowed to take are: Internship, Project I and Project II. Please note: While choosing courses, students are allowed to select courses ONLY from the semester of their Erasmus+ mobility (fall or spring). May you need any consultation with our course coordinators, please consult the one from your study program here (hyperlink from the course coordinators in the IRO page).


The students need to submit the following documents: (1) Application Form – hyperlink and (2) Passport Copy (pdf/jpeg format) to and (3) Online Learning Agreement via the OLA Dashboard on

After submission of the documents, the International Relations Office will evaluate them and check if all IBU courses that you have chosen are available. If so, the OLA will be signed by the responsible person at IBU through the Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) Dashboard. In case some of the selected courses are not available, you will be asked to do certain modifications in your OLA.


The students will have to submit the required documents via email until the following deadlines:

Fall semester/Full Academic year: 30 July

Spring Semester: 30 December

Step 3: Acceptance

The final version of the OLA (signed by the student, the home institution and the host institution) must be submitted in a pdf version to before the deadline. When this process is completed, the student will receive a letter of acceptance.

Step 4: Housing and Visa process

After a successful application process, the student is ready to start looking for accommodation opportunities and start their visa/permit applications.

For accommodation, please contact so that an IBU Student Mentor will be appointed to you and you will be able to search for the most suitable housing opportunities in Skopje related to your preferences and budget.

As for the visa/permit application process, please click here: (redirection link to the visa part)

Step 5: Arrival and Registration

When the student completes the procedure for admission at IBU, we will be ready to warmly welcome the student’s arrival in Skopje! The student will need to visit the International Relations Office upon their arrival to register the semester and follow our InfoDay and orientation program.

International Balkan University loves international students!

For more information related to any of the above-mentioned categories, please contact us on