What is a Blended Intensive Programme (BIP)?

BIPs are a short stay abroad for students (5-30 days) combined with a mandatory virtual phase (cooperative online learning exchange) of undefined duration. The on-site activity takes place eg at a foreign partner university.

What are the advantages of a BIP?

  • Improve professional knowledge on an international level
  • interdisciplinary, intercultural experience
  • get a “taste” of international experience
  • Building up an international network
  • improvement of (professional) language skills


We invite students of all fields of study to participate in an international seminar on sustainability and climate change.


In this programme, you will…

  • advance your intercultural competencies and ability to work in international teams,
  • explore scientific knowledge on the topic of sustainability and learn to assess the contribution of your respective field of studies,
  • compare scientific language use in your mother tongue and in English, identify and apply language for special purposes.

1 week in Skopje – 02.10.2023-06.10.2023

  • 10-12 students from each participating university meet in Skopje (North Macedonia).
  • You will work in international groups on topics related to sustainability and your field of studies.
  • You will visit sites related to different aspects of sustainability.
    For travelling students from THM and TTK, an Erasmus+ grant will cover part of your cost for accommodation and travelling (contact your local international office/Erasmus coordinator for details).

4 weeks virtual collaboration-09.10.2023-03.11.2023

  • You will collaborate digitally with the groups formed during the week in Skopje.
  • You will prepare and hold a presentation on your topic.
  • You will write a short paper on the topic of your presentation.


  • Application: 11.09.2023
  • Course sign-up: 13.09.2023
  • Course start in Skopje: 10.10.2023
  • Presentations of results: 10.11.2023