Erasmus+ Policy Statement

From its establishment, International Balkan University had a vision of becoming an international actor in the Balkan region and beyond. The ties and cooperation partnerships are rooted in the heart of the university from its very beginning, by offering international students an education in English language medium, full and partial scholarships, cross-country recognition of ECTS and chance for mobility within and beyond Europe. Following the Bologna process, and the EU modernization and internationalization strategy, International Balkan University is one of the most successful universities in the country and region for the implementation and promotion of these strategies.

By participating in the Erasmus+ program, International Balkan University tends to achieve its current mission and vision, by educating the leaders of tomorrow and providing them with contemporary practices and competences that are further needed after the education. In order to achieve such objectives, International Balkan University needs the support of the Erasmus+ program in order to follow the modern techniques of education, to participate in a variety of international programs and projects, to send students abroad to feel the diversity in education, enable staff members to gain experience from key partners through projects and mobility and to accordingly reflect the strong principles in its current internationalization and modernization strategy. The current experience with the Erasmus+ program in the last 6 years has shown that the participation in the program is essential for achieving the goals for internationalization and modernization of International Balkan University.

With the current results of the program, International Balkan University has enhanced the lifelong learning among beneficiaries, has enhanced the digital skills, through traineeships, exchanges, and international projects, and has shared its international values by mutual respect, inclusive education and enrolment of students and staff with diversified backgrounds, regardless of their nationality, color, culture and religion. The policy objectives the university is willing to further achieve include: improved lifelong learning and teaching, automatic recognition of learning abroad, easier language acquaintance and improved and facilitated methods in student and staff exchange.

International Balkan University is:

– Respecting the principle of non-discrimination through applying the criteria that are previously indicated in the calls for application and by choosing participants that are eligible for taking part in the program regardless of their nationality, religion, ethnicity and social background;

– Ensuring full recognition of ECTS awarded from the program prior mobility by guarantee of the Dean/Departmental Erasmus+ coordinator so that issues after mobility are be avoided and by adding the Erasmus+ mobility experience in the students’ Diploma Supplement upon graduation;

– Charging no fees for any type of mobility (outbound/inbound) including: tuition, registration, examination and the use of facilities.