The Erasmus+ Staff Mobility program is a program established by the European Commission aiming for individual mobility of staff members within Program and Partner Countries. The idea of the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility program is to foster cooperation between IBU and other universities within and beyond Europe, an opportunity for IBU Staff Members to acquire innovative teaching and working methods, exchange the best practices among the institutions, and widen the perspectives of the individual for their professional development. Under this program, the participant who applies and is accepted to participate in the program receives an Erasmus+ grant for the realization of the mobility.

The program is divided into two parts: Staff Mobility for Teaching (STA) and Staff Mobility for Training (STT). The criteria for successful completion of a Staff Mobility for Teaching includes an exchange with a minimum of 8-hours teaching at the host institution, while Staff Mobility for Training includes the following categories: job shadowing, training, workshop, or other, which might include training in pedagogical skills/ curriculum design skills.

Additionally, IBU offers its staff two types of exchange: Erasmus+ Staff Mobility within Europe (mobility in a program country) and Erasmus+ Staff Mobility – International Credit Mobility beyond Europe (mobility in a partner country). The list of program and partner countries is available on the European Commission official website: https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/about/who-can-take-part_en

For Erasmus+ Staff Mobility within Europe, the institution in question must be an Erasmus+ Charter holder. Based on this, IBU staff is allowed to choose their destination based on their preferences among the universities that we already have agreements with. The list can be found here. In case the participant wishes to apply to a university that is not listed in our agreements, please contact iro@ibu.edu.mk. As for the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility – International Credit Mobility, the granted quota is limited and project-based. Therefore, the staff can only apply for an exchange at the institution for which the Erasmus+ call is individually opened for.