International Balkan University, each Spring semester, announces an internal call for outgoing students to conduct an Erasmus+ Traineeship abroad during the summer period. In order for the student to be able to successfully realize an Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Traineeships (SMT), please make sure to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Application at IBU

Interested students can apply for the Erasmus+ Traineeships by clicking on the Open Calls – International Relations Office button, which is published in each student’s Hello! Module on the main dashboard. Before the application, students are required to choose a country and organization of their preference in which they wish to do their traineeship and contact the organization to get an invitation letter, which needs to be attached to the application form. The invitation letter should include data such as: the name and surname of the student, faculty and study program, information for the organization, department in which the student will do the traineeship, as well as exact dates of the traineeship duration (start and end dates).

PLEASE NOTE: The International Balkan University does not bear responsibility for your choice of country or organization. We can only recommend you the official Erasmus+ traineeship webpage to help you with your research, which can be found at the following link or suggest you a traineeship position offered by our partners. You are not limited in choosing your country and traineeship program solely from our recommendations, you are free to contact companies or institutions on your own.

Step 2: Selection at IBU

When the call is closed, all students will receive a notification of the decision for their application. The following possibilities may occur:

  1. Accepted – if the student is accepted for an SMT, they should follow the steps below.
  2. Rejected – if the student is rejected for an SMT, it means that the student is not eligible to take part in the program.
  3. Added on the Reserve List – if a student is added to the Reserve List, then the student may be contacted to take part in the mobility, only if any of the previously ranked students cancel their mobility.

Step 3: Documentation at IBU

All students need to provide certain documentation before and after the mobility takes place. The list of all the documents can be found here: (the list of documents).

Step 4: Completed Before Mobility Process

To complete the before mobility procedure, the student must attach all required finalized documents (listed on the Module), to their Hello! Modules. Before the student’s departure to the Erasmus+ mobility abroad, the first installment of the grant will be transferred to their bank accounts. For more information related to the grant amount, installments, and other important information, please check the following link: (grant information).

In case the students have additional questions, they shall contact us via the Hello! Chat or via email at

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